the work we do helps our clients stand out in a crowd, interact, and connect with their audience to build relationships and therefore boost sales. we push ourselves and clients to open doors of discovering captivating ways to differentiate. to make sure our clients stay in front of the crowd, we continuously keep our eyes on the road for issues and the competitive landscape they face every day. we are driven by the urge to do more for our clients, and what’s more if not different and unique?


branding & corporate identity

visual image among other advantages makes your brand or business more attractive and memorable, by listening and juggling ideas together, we form and shape your brand story and philosophy to give you an impeccable mood with the use of our fully-integrated solutions; color schemes, designs, words, logo, name, slogan, stationery, etc. we strive to create that original essence, image, and identity for your brand because we know that the perfect way of fostering customer’s interest is to present a brand with a clear and distinct idea.

  • corporate identity
  • brand style & design
  • brand character
  • rebranding


marketing & advertising

apart from being a premier component of business management is the business procedure of creating relationships with and satisfying customers. by using carefully planned research that is designed specifically for you, we help you reach your customers to satisfy their needs and wants. our fabulous ideas in marketing are also brought to bear for you to drive your sales to the peak with the highest possible speed.

bearing this in mind, we help to boost your business by covering the whole advertising campaign spectrum that will specifically serve your type of business. we also provide you with the most persuasive advertising techniques that work effectively with your business for a fruitful yield

  • social media management
  • marketing plan & strategy
  • competition monitoring
  • marketing research
  • social media ads & digital marketing
  • traditional, billboards and bus ads 


    media production

    we take care of everything relating to media, from start to finish. this includes scripting, scheduling, casting, organizing staff, production, and even distribution. as an organization that has you in mind, your success story is our greatest reward. therefore, we leave no stone unturned in giving you the best in media production.

    • video production
    • photography
    • social media clips
    • events coverage


      printing solutions

      we know that a professionally printed, high-quality business material has the capacity of leaving a lasting impression on your business and customers. in newshape, our team ensures that we create your unique brand identity consistent with quality-oriented printing. in addition to all document printing, we provide print finishing options to give your print job a professional and refined look and feel.

      • stationary
      • packaging
      • flyers & Brochures
      • posters & banners


        web development

        we believe that you should have all you need as long as the website is concerned. therefore, our certified web team is poised to develop and design your site. knowing fully well that website is an excellent tool for business, our team works tirelessly to ensure a fast and reliable website that will generate enough traffic. we also provide solutions, consultation, and designing as far as the web is concerned.

        • domain & hosting
        • web designs
        • e-commerce
        • microsoft services