about us

the story

newshape is a brainchild of prolonged, thinking, brainstorming, trials and perfection. we are a communication and marketing firm with a specialty in corporate events management, branding and design, public relations, publishing, and print media. we are poised and focused on giving a new facelift to any brand while transforming a minute idea to greatness. from conception to execution, newshape is fully equipped to produce a wide range of designing, marketing and communication tools just for you.


who we are

we are ambition and innovation, and because we see limitless opportunities, we can give a new face and shape to unknown brands and transform small ideas into big ones. our team is fully equipped to produce a range of marketing and communication tools from conception to completion. In newshape, our team is not only experienced and well trained but full of energy and passion. we create an experience that goes beyond expectations. we work with clients as partners for all of us to succeed.


how we make a difference

the work we do helps our clients stand out in a crowd, interact, and connect with their audience to build relationships and therefore boost sales. we push ourselves and clients to open doors of discovering captivating ways to differentiate. To make sure our clients stay in front of the crowd, we continuously keep our eyes on the road for issues and the competitive landscape they face every day. We are driven by the urge to do more for our clients, and what’s more if not different and unique?